Jubilee Christian Church

Favor has been vested in Faith-based organizations both locally and nationally, and with our foundation having started with Jubilee Christian Church. 

How do you help a thriving urban church with a loyal congregation of nearly 5,000 change its name and look, all the while keeping its membership engaged? Through a two-phase branding campaign, FAVOR developed a concept that communicates the theme, the leadership’s vision, and enables the members of New Covenant Christian Church (NCCC) to embrace, Jubilee. The concept, 'We Are Jubilee', was immediately embraced by the church leadership and then adopted as the theme for the church’s annual convention. Established in 1982, Jubilee has become recognizable throughout New England and across the United States through the credibility of its founder, Bishop Gilbert Thompson and Pastor Yvonne Thompson; and the mantle continues to fruitfully bless many under the leadership of his son, Pastor Matthew Thompson and Mona Thompson. 

Photography by Bill Miles